Opening lines

Why blog? It is like “speaker’s corner” in London where anyone can stand up on a box and practice their oratorical skills on any subject that takes their fancy BUT with the exception your voice now has the possibility of a totally ear shattering reach – slightly different off course as it is most often written communication but awesomely not even limited to this.

The lines you now are reading is the beginning of a test series experimenting with these super human powers of voice. This “speaker’s corner” does bring a new challenge however in the sense that the corner now has grown to mind boggling dimensions with millions of speakers trying to raise their voice. So if you have found this voice, I’m happy you heard me in the worldwide din of the internet.

So far this blog is not themed, so the audience, YOU, if you have read this far, may be wondering what on earth is the point of reading it at all, what could you possibly gain from using your precious time here?  Well at this point I can not promise you anything except a sneak view into some of the subjects and issues that are taking up my conscious chain of thoughts.

YOU are free to comment as you see fit, perhaps developing it into a dialogue or at least a Q & A session.


So “pack a punch” or come with a punch line………..

My experiences and pursuits are numerous both professionally and personally. The kick of for this blog was served or more appropriately termed in my case: provoked by a “Live Your Legend” course called “Living of Your Passion” conceived and devised by Scott Dinsmore, who I found through a TED talk viewed on YouTube. To help work through this course Scott suggested beginning blogging to embark on a search for areas of interest that could lead to a focus to feel passionate about.

I’m sure many will recognise the experience of the voice inside your head running a constant comment, on just about anything that is going on around you or just taking up your thoughts. Well we all have our pet issues, some of mine are: ecology/climate change, aesthetics of the built enviroment and objects. Greek way of thinking, adventure travel and MY/YOUR freedom both intellectually and physically. To help me understand and refine my personal take on these issues, it will thrill me to receive your comments here on the blog as a response to my future posts.

The last area of interest mentioned above: freedom of intellect and physical life raised one issue for me the other day. Being a citizen of Denmark it occured to me that you may not be able to live in that country without having a fixed address and thereby having to be financially weighed down by this i.e. removing the power of choice. This is an issue I have decided to look into and post my findings here.

I plan to post again by next Wednesday.